Functionality In A Well Designed Website

Having a great looking website is great at attracting custom and traffic to your site, but if it is not coupled with great functionality, it can be essentially useless. There are almost limitless ideas that can be incorporated into websites, be it a personal website or a big business.

Small to medium sized businesses

Starting out with on online presence or updating your website can cost a lot of money to get what you want, but it is nearly always worth the time and money invested to increase your online presence and the customer’s experience. One of the great things about getting a website built is the fact you can shop around easily without leaving your home or office. Ringing up or e-mailing a few companies who you like the look of can get you a range of options and prices. For example, you could be based anywhere in the country and get an ecommerce web design company in London to create your website. You could look even further afield too, although language issues may begin to be a problem.

Larger businesses

Multinational companies and luxury brands often have their own departments within the company to create excellent looking websites with great functionality. Obviously smaller clients cannot compete with these large amounts of money that get pumped into marketing and development, but for a fraction of the amount they can still get great results. Some companies used to neglect their web presence; increasingly now, companies are utilising social media websites. These formats are free, but it creates big business with people being paid a lot of money to manage these sites. For these big businesses, the brand awareness is usually already there in large amounts; brands such as Coca Cola and Adidas use online functions to interact with customers rather than selling, as their products can be bought from a wide range of places.

Personal websites

For people’s personal websites and blogs, design is hugely important to get people to keep coming back. Making sure your site is easy on the eye and has good information can greatly increase traffic. You may not think that functionality is that big an issue, but it is. Adding something as simple as social bookmarking tools can make people promote your website to their friends and family. Whilst it can be difficult to come up with an idea to engage visitors, this is only part of the problem. Once you come up with that excellent idea, you will still need the means to implement it.

Each of these examples is different and even similar companies can go down different routes to increase custom. Thinking about what separates you from your competitors can give you good ideas to help your website go from strength to strength.