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Design Genius: The Best Examples from the World of Design

Designing a product, place or concept is all about creativity, and the ability to be open minded. The aesthetic make up of something is incredibly important to attract people but design runs much deeper than the appearance of something; it is about practicality, usefulness and the ability to improve life.


Brilliant design is something that should be recognised and celebrated because it takes just one moment for an ingenious concept to be born, but it also takes years of hard work to physically implement. Institutions such as the London Design Museum and awards ceremonies such as Design Week exist because the recognition of truly inspirational design is important. Good design should facilitate, inspire and entertain people, as well as be future friendly, and not impinge on the earth’s delicate environment. Below we explore some examples of excellent design and discover what a Design Genius really means.



Burberry is one of Britain’s most successful and precious exports: it has won prestigious fashion awards and is a FTSE 100 company. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the company made fine tailoring from the outset and throughout their 156 year journey Burberry have gone from strength to strength. Although they started out focussing on practical clothing for outdoor professionals, they employed check patterns as early as 1910, which has become iconic symbolism of the brand. A Burberry coat is recognisable from meters away due to the sleek checked designs and the quality is such that an item can last a lifetime.



It’s imperative for packaging to be just right as it’s the first impression of a product. Nick Cave & The Bad Seed’s “Push the Sky Away” a Super Deluxe album was a packaging and presentation triumph. The ingenious box set, manufactured by custom packaging experts Think Tank Media comprised a CD, two heavyweight vinyls, a 7 inch vinyl of an exclusive track, and a beautiful hardback book, which replicated Nick Cave’s musical notebook, which explored the journey of the album’s creation. Packaging like this creates not just a brand, but a story that consumers can feel involved with.

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You give a little, you get a lot

Giving someone a gift is a great feeling. Seeing their face when you hand over an unexpected present is priceless;so imagine if you could reward your clients and customers in this way too. Well, believe it or not, you can do and furthermore, it doesn’t cost the earth. The plus side too, is that you can personalise your gifts with your company’s brand and open your market to potential new clients and customers.

Giving promotional advertising gifts is a great way to expose your company and keep your loyal customers sweet and satisfied with your business. You can get anything from personalised mugs to personalised umbrellas, and even Eco products that promote helping the environment whilst advertising your business or product.

Some of the most popular gifts are the most simple, for example, personalised chocolates are a great way of hitting someones sweet tooth and getting your business name noticed, even if it is just before they consume it. They can come in the form of hampers, christmas calenders or even edible cards.

Another popular idea is personalised Tea and Coffee. Having these in the office staffroom of even your own workplace reminds people of your business brand every time they go to make a cup. You can even emphasise this with personalised mugs and thermos flasks for people to take to and from work on their daily travels.

As we live in Britain the unpredictability of the weather is always looming over us. If you live and work in Britain, there’s a high percentage that you carry an umbrella on you at all times, whether in your bag, or in the boot of your car. A great way to get your company noticed is by plastering your name on a customised umbrella. When in use, your company name is there for all to see.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to keep your customers happy and returning whilst promoting your business or products at the same time, why not turn to advertising on a gift. It’s a thoughtful yet strategic approach for any company to take.


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Functionality In A Well Designed Website

Having a great looking website is great at attracting custom and traffic to your site, but if it is not coupled with great functionality, it can be essentially useless. There are almost limitless ideas that can be incorporated into websites, be it a personal website or a big business.

Small to medium sized businesses

Starting out with on online presence or updating your website can cost a lot of money to get what you want, but it is nearly always worth the time and money invested to increase your online presence and the customer’s experience. One of the great things about getting a website built is the fact you can shop around easily without leaving your home or office. Ringing up or e-mailing a few companies who you like the look of can get you a range of options and prices. For example, you could be based anywhere in the country and get an ecommerce web design company in London to create your website. You could look even further afield too, although language issues may begin to be a problem.

Larger businesses

Multinational companies and luxury brands often have their own departments within the company to create excellent looking websites with great functionality. Obviously smaller clients cannot compete with these large amounts of money that get pumped into marketing and development, but for a fraction of the amount they can still get great results. Some companies used to neglect their web presence; increasingly now, companies are utilising social media websites. These formats are free, but it creates big business with people being paid a lot of money to manage these sites. For these big businesses, the brand awareness is usually already there in large amounts; brands such as Coca Cola and Adidas use online functions to interact with customers rather than selling, as their products can be bought from a wide range of places.

Personal websites

For people’s personal websites and blogs, design is hugely important to get people to keep coming back. Making sure your site is easy on the eye and has good information can greatly increase traffic. You may not think that functionality is that big an issue, but it is. Adding something as simple as social bookmarking tools can make people promote your website to their friends and family. Whilst it can be difficult to come up with an idea to engage visitors, this is only part of the problem. Once you come up with that excellent idea, you will still need the means to implement it.

Each of these examples is different and even similar companies can go down different routes to increase custom. Thinking about what separates you from your competitors can give you good ideas to help your website go from strength to strength.

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Top Five Secrets to Promote your Business

Business promotion, a key element of marketing, consists of a set of strategies meant to take the business to a higher level by advertising, sales promotion and making public relations. Some entrepreneurs think selling products at attractive rates is enough for them to stay in the industry but it is not. Since competition is heating up in business markets globally, only those entrepreneurs who focus on business expansion and promotion from time to time are the ones who take a lead in the market.

No customer is loyal!

With so many innovative and competitive products being launched regularly in markets, customer loyalty has faded away. There is a great risk that your existing customers would shift to others in hunt for better deals. In order to mitigate this risk and increase the chances of your wholesale business viability, you must implement wise business promotion strategies form time to time. Just like oil keeps the machinery running smoothly, promotion does the same to the business. Promoting your business keeps business presence fresh in the minds of your customers or prospects and encourages them to be loyal with you.

Business Promotion – Top 5 Secrets!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about business promotion? It’s probably seeing your business ads in newspapers, televisions or radios. However modern businesses know that if they want success at their feet, they must think outside the box and do something unique. I am enlisting five promotion tactics that can lead your venture towards more profits and greater viability.

1.    Promote through referrals!

The best tactic to increase sales, profits and scale of your business is by promoting it though referrals of your regular customers. There are many buyers who are not attracted by persuasive ads but believe in experience of their peers, colleagues or other trustworthy persons. For your customers to provide quality referrals to your prospects, you must work on satisfying them with respect to product price, quality, delivery, polices and customer services.

2.    Promote through documents!

Entrepreneurs distribute business cards as promotional tools but to exploit promotional possibilities to the full advantage, you must consider every outgoing piece of document as promotional tool. Print your business name, logo, slogan, website URL and complete contact information on your letterheads, envelops, outgoing faxes, receipts, bill payments etc. For whatever purpose you send emails to customers or prospects, use specific mail programmes with signature files containing your company logo and all the other necessary information.

3.    Promotion by sending PRs!

Be it a recent business activity or the launch of new product, any sort of business expansion, sponsoring any event, running any trade show, or winning any award, it’s always wise to share this information publically through engaging press releases. This news worthy information openly available to public brings in prospects. Though press release can be published in newspapers as well, it’s also pays to publish them in free online press release submission directories on internet.

4.    Give out freebies wisely!

You may know promotional items as freebies containing your company logo and contact information help you in business promotion but you may not know their use. Distribute those promotional items which you think would have a longer life on table of your customers. For instance, calendar is a perfect item since it remains on the desk throughout the year, Moreover, if your customer forwards some documents regularly to others, giving note pads would be a perfect promotional item for your business.

5.    Hold contests frequently!

Entrepreneurs mostly run a contest only during initial few days or months of their business. For instance, they run advertisements promising that their first 50 customers would receive a special gift. This is not enough, since modern businesses need to run improved and frequent contests. Especially during times of slow business, it’s wise to pump up traffic by inviting people to take part in contests and win unique prizes. Contests in the form of lucky draws offering winners lucrative and expensive gifts, like cars, are best for generating more sales.

Julie Robert is a B2B wholesale trade and B2B marketing expert. She writes frequently on the topics related to UK Wholesalers and trade suppliers.

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Promoting Your Business

If you want your business to be successful then it is important that you promote it as effectively as you can. Today there are so many different ways to advertise and promote a business, online, through the local press or other media, so it’s vital that you pick the advertising medium that is likely to be most suited to your business. For example, an online marketing campaign is essential for a company that trades primarily over the internet.

Business gifts are another highly effective form of promotion that are utilised by thousands of companies all over the world. Business gifts, such as pens or key rings with your company’s branding and logo can be purchased from various different firms that specialise in producing these items. Business gifts can be bought quite cheaply, particularly if they’re ordered in bulk.

One of the best places to see examples of business gifts is at a trade fair or convention, where hundreds of different businesses, all looking to stand out from one another will be distributing a variety of different business gifts.

Although, business gifts are a great way to promote your company you’ll find that they’re most effective when they’re coupled with a more traditional advertising campaign. If you’ve just recently started a new business then it may be wise to take out some adverts in the local press or on the local radio in order to raise the profile of your company in the area.

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