5 Ideal College Degrees for Aspiring Copywriters

Copywriting is a profitable career, especially with the growth of online businesses which require skilled copywriters. However, it isn’t one of those careers that simply anyone can do, as the ideal candidate for a copywriting position has a natural talent for writing and some formal training under their belt.


If you’re interested in becoming a copywriter, then keep in mind that one of the easiest ways to successfully prepare for it is to choose an appropriate college major that will guide you to develop strong writing skills. With that thought in mind, here are five of the best college degrees for aspiring copywriters:


A degree in communications will provide you with all of the essential verbal and written skills needed for a career in copywriting. Communications programs teach students how to write and speak clearly, as well as how to be persuasive, arguing points both on and off paper. Graduating from a communications program should leave you with an impressive portfolio and presentation skills you can use to stand out in the interview process so you can secure your first copywriting position.


Journalism is one of the most popular routes for copywriters, as journalism programs train their students how to write logically based on facts and research. What’s more, many professional journalists transition into copywriting to find better pay and more reliable hours, so journalism programs provide a relatively natural progression into the field. Journalism graduates will know how to frame a story and set a scene, how to write concisely and professionally, as well as how to pitch their ideas clearly – all of which are skills greatly desired by employers’ seeking copywriters.


History may not sound like the ideal degree choice for an aspiring copywriter, but many successful writers majored in history. History teaches students how to gather facts and compile them into a compelling argument or thesis, which is exactly what successful writing and copywriting is all about. A history graduate usually has the skills to make an excellent copywriter, as they will know how to write and argue their point effectively and precisely.

English Literature

English literature programs revolve around studying classic and contemporary literature to analyze its content. Reading great literature pieces will allow students to develop strong analytical skills, increasing their ability to understand writing techniques and strategy. Furthermore, English literature students will likely have the opportunity to contribute to academic journals and their school’s newspaper, allowing them to gain direct experience with writing for an audience in a professional environment. Therefore, English literature can be a great choice for a hopeful copywriter as it allows students to practice writing and analyze others’ writing strategies and methodologies.

Business Administration

A lot of copywriting is for B2B publications and business orientated companies, and a degree in business administration will expose students to both the world of business as well as how to write for it. Graduates from business administration programs will have a firm understanding of business concepts, language and terminology which will help them appear impressive and desirable candidates for potential business writing gigs. Plus, if copywriting doesn’t work out for them, business graduates have a massive array of other potential careers to fall back on.

Copywriting is definitely part natural talent, but the right degree can sharpen that talent and mold it into a hot commodity. Strongly consider one of the above majors if you’re serious about going into copywriting, as they will help you develop the essential skills every copywriter needs to know and help you land that all important first copywriting job straight off the bat.

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