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Design Classics: Swiss Icons

Swiss design is considered to be among the strongest in the world.  With a great history of engineering and precision, it is natural that contemporary Swiss design is markedly simple and unpretentious often leading the way in minimalist aesthetic.  Below are three selected designs and brands that are stalwarts of the made in Switzerland appeal and important design icons.

The Swiss Railway Clock was designed by Hans Hilfiker (15 September 1901 – 2 March 1993) in 1944.  This piece of post war engineering embraced the latest technology, each clock taking an electronic signal from a centralised master clock to ensure universal synchronisation.  It also referenced the conductor’s baton in the distinctive red second hand with a circular head.  The clock is regarded as a national icon and is still very much in use around the Schweizerische Bundesbahn, or Swiss Federal Railway.  It was also licensed by Mondaine in 1986 owe market themselves on the affordable luxury of their watches.  Penman Watch and Jewellery are a UK biased watch retailer and restorer and have an extensive collection of Mondaine watches.

The Swiss Army Knife has been produced by the Swiss manufactures Victorinox and Wenger since the turn of the 20th Century.  The knife was immediately noted for its practicality and dependability.  It was both safe and convenient to carry and capable of executing a great many tasks.  The red sided knife, with several pull out blades and tools, that we are used to is very similar to the original military issue ‘soldiers knife’ however, other versions of that knife have varied considerably in look.  Many of their new knives are contain a greater range of less essential tools and even electronic components such as USB storage. Swiss Army Tools have a comprehensive selection of Swiss Army Knives including knives tailored to use at sea and by rescue operatives.

Freitag Bags are the most recent of the featured Swiss design classics.  Freitag bags are often very colourful and also very hard wearing due to the material they are manufactured from.  An example of the up-cycling, the bags are all constructed out of reclaimed tarpaulins that once covered the sides of lorries and are decorated with the livery of the various companies.  The original designs and texts are cropped in abstract fashion giving the bags a bright modish finish.  The company HQ is even housed inside an assemblage of converted shipping containers.  Freitag operate their own online store and also stock various retailers and their own stores.  Information is available at the Freitag Website.

There are of course a great many other famous and impressive Swiss designs and products exported around the world.  In addition there is an impressive built history in Switzerland.  Both architecture and engineering find a refined expression in the beautiful and pragmatic alpine country.

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How to Realise Your Ambition as an Inventor

iStock_000010857241XSmallProduct design is a hugely popular, yet often disregarded part of the modern world. The art of product design fundamentally comes down to dreaming up an imaginative new idea. Typically this is often the hardest part of pursuing a prospective career as an inventor, as the actual design or manufacture tends to fall into place following an inspired plan. Many people fall at this initial hurdle, yet don’t be afraid to take your time with this stage, and equally feel free to experiment with a few diverse angles. A good idea is the foundation for any invention, so it’s integral that you get it right. Find a problem in the market that needs solving, and very often pursuing such an opportunity will be sure to set you on a lucrative pathway.

Designing and planning a product can be as simple as sketching out a few blueprints, mapping out the entire visuals on a CAD program or simply containing all the details in your mind, but if possible you’ll probably want to make a prototype yourself before pursuing with your launch. No such product manufacture plan is going to involve the exact same stages, as the field is so varied that almost anything can be involved. If your product is going to be plastic based for example, and let’s face it that’s extremely likely, then a relevant product design company is a great place to start. Many such companies can also assist with the earlier stages of design, so they can give you a little inspiration too.  

Similarly, if you’re going to be doing some manufacturing stages yourself, as will be probable if you’re starting small or have a limited budget, then component services can provide you with all of the parts you might need. These might range from torsion springs for use in small hinges, to simple washers that are almost ubiquitous in mechanical designs. If you haven’t the time or inclination to learn how to put your product design idea into practice on your own, you could also consider hiring a freelancer to complete a project on your behalf. There’s no right or wrong way to go about these things, so do whatever suits you best.  

A new design will always need some exposure to attain ultimate success, and you can go about this in numerous ways. Most people will dream about conquering a popular source of opportunities like Dragon’s Den, but this is by no means the only way to proceed with a marketing strategy. You can conduct a lot of these activities on a far less noticeable scale, but collecting feedback and offering samples is just as effective as going for a more high profile exposure. Talk to some proven experts and you’ll be sure to pick up some relevant tips.

Many people dream of creating their own products, yet never have the drive to push forward with these ideas. Yet coming up with a workable and innovative solution for a problem is a hugely rewarding experience, and all it takes is a single idea to get you started. Try not to stifle your creativity, and you might well surprise yourself with where your inventions can take you.

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Design Genius: The Best Examples from the World of Design

Designing a product, place or concept is all about creativity, and the ability to be open minded. The aesthetic make up of something is incredibly important to attract people but design runs much deeper than the appearance of something; it is about practicality, usefulness and the ability to improve life.


Brilliant design is something that should be recognised and celebrated because it takes just one moment for an ingenious concept to be born, but it also takes years of hard work to physically implement. Institutions such as the London Design Museum and awards ceremonies such as Design Week exist because the recognition of truly inspirational design is important. Good design should facilitate, inspire and entertain people, as well as be future friendly, and not impinge on the earth’s delicate environment. Below we explore some examples of excellent design and discover what a Design Genius really means.



Burberry is one of Britain’s most successful and precious exports: it has won prestigious fashion awards and is a FTSE 100 company. Founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, the company made fine tailoring from the outset and throughout their 156 year journey Burberry have gone from strength to strength. Although they started out focussing on practical clothing for outdoor professionals, they employed check patterns as early as 1910, which has become iconic symbolism of the brand. A Burberry coat is recognisable from meters away due to the sleek checked designs and the quality is such that an item can last a lifetime.



It’s imperative for packaging to be just right as it’s the first impression of a product. Nick Cave & The Bad Seed’s “Push the Sky Away” a Super Deluxe album was a packaging and presentation triumph. The ingenious box set, manufactured by custom packaging experts Think Tank Media comprised a CD, two heavyweight vinyls, a 7 inch vinyl of an exclusive track, and a beautiful hardback book, which replicated Nick Cave’s musical notebook, which explored the journey of the album’s creation. Packaging like this creates not just a brand, but a story that consumers can feel involved with.

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Packed Ad

Let’s say you’re on your lunch break, and your friend has two sandwiches. They both have exactly the same packaging, and look identical, except that one has a brand logo on the outside and the other doesn’t. It wouldn’t affect the sandwich at all, but naturally you would want the branded item, especially if it comes from a well known company. We take it as a sign of authorization, reliability and recognition, but it’s still a sandwich. What’s interesting though is that, despite them being exactly the same, you would still feel like your sandwich was better somehow, tastier perhaps, or better presented. This is the power of advertising, something EMC Advertising Gifts have nailed on the head.

The Coca-Cola Lorry, a Christmas tradition or a marketing ploy?

A good advert is one that can juxtapose an image with a brand, and merge the two into a lasting relationship. Of course the item itself has to be interesting or people won’t care, but if the item is something useful or memorable, the logo attached becomes a sign of its own, and if it is successful, the logo turns the tables and becomes the selling point rather than the item. You can read more about advertising tips in the link provided.

Obviously you want your ad campaign to be an instant hit, but sometimes it will take longer to gain the public’s trust that your brand is reliable, and to do this, pick something practical. The amount of branded pens I have lost or broken is astonishing: overly-common items will go unnoticed. However, that one little obscurely branded tape measure I keep on my desk, and have done for years, still has its uses. Over time, I have associated its usefulness with the company logo, and would therefore be inclined to buy another product they have branded. You can read more useful tips about marketing here.

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Copyright Designs

Copyrighting designs that you have produced is an important step that you should take to safeguard your intellectual property. It is possible to apply for copyright for a wide variety of different products, designs or even concepts and trademarks, so if you have an original idea that you believe may be worth money they you should certainly consider copyrighting your work. There is a great deal of information about copyright available freely on the internet as well as information about how you can apply for copyright yourself. Before you attempt to apply for copyright it is important to ensure that you’re entitled to first so you do not waste your time. Ensure that you idea is eligible for copyright and does not actually infringe any existing copyright first.

There is a long and complicated history of copyright law that dates back to the eighteenth century. Today modern laws concerning copyright are extremely long winded and there are many exceptions and various sub clauses governing internationally standardised copyright. Most copyright will only last for certain duration of time after the author or originators death, usually fifty to one hundred years. It is for this reason that a great deal of classical music, whose composers have been dead for many years, is now available in the public domain and can be freely used in film and television.

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