Computer Monitors

For graphic designers having a high quality computer monitor with a good resolution is very important. Thankfully it is very easy to come by a high quality monitor for a bargain price these days. CRT monitors are now considered old hat, it’s practically impossible to buy them anywhere other than on the second hand market.

Advances in LCD technology means the flat screen, high quality cheap LCD TVs and computer monitors can be bought from most high street retailers. In fact, many of the cheap LCD TVs currently on the market will also work just as well when being used as computer monitors. Many people will use them for both functions, and watch TV using their computer, or switch between their computer and their TV aerial depending on what they want to use their cheap LCD TVs for.

Also equally as important is having a decent quality graphics card, particularly if you’ll be running various top of the range image manipulation software packages, many of which will place a high demand on your computer. Many people think that a high spec graphics card is only really necessary for people who are playing the latest computer games that place a lot of strain on the computer. However, this is not necessarily the case! The latest photo and image manipulation software can also put a lot of stain on your computer too, particularly if you’re using especially high quality images.

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