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Finding & Maintaining Creativity

CaptureOne thing that anybody in a creative industry knows is that inspiration can be a fickle mistress. Sometimes you overflow with ideas that you can’t get down quick enough; at other times you stare at a blank screen or page as if it’s your deadly enemy.

On those bad days, you may want to simply say, “Oh well, it’s not happening today,” and put your feet up instead; but if your paycheck depends on finding inspiration and creativity day after day that simply is not an option. So what can you do?

Creativity isn’t simply something that comes and go at a whim; it’s something that can be learned and developed, and creativity training specialists can offer some great advice and techniques for ensuring a steady flow of inspiration.

Upping Your Elvis, a company who specialise in developing creative leaders, gave some very useful tips on a recent blog post at Instead of choosing between staring blankly at your screen or simply giving up, you can use the five tips in the article to generate ideas, to kickstart your creativity and get your inspiration back.

Brainstorming (number two on their list) and mind mapping can be very useful tools to finding an idea, or to pin one down that’s being somewhat elusive. It’s something that you can do by yourself, or as a group with colleagues and associates, and while you can choose the low-tech option of pen and paper or a whiteboard, there are also plenty of computer solutions like the free online site This allows you to create a mindmap online without even signing in, and the interface is easy and intuitive.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that creativity is all in the mind; you are a complete organism and your body affects your brain in multiple ways. If you’re in a slump mentally, it may be because you’re in a slump physically. Eat well, drink plenty of water, and get your body moving – there are some ten minute workouts which will be easy to fit into your routine on the NHS Live Well site at Once your blood is pumping faster through your body, it’ll flow through your brain faster too, stimulating the inspiration you need.

As we are all individuals, there is no single key to inspiration and creativity that will work for everyone, so the best advice is to pay attention to yourself. By observing the factors present when you’re at a creative peak, and by experimenting to find the best methods to get you out of a slump, you’ll be able to create your own inspiration when you need it.

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Starting a Business Without any Work Experience

Starting a business can lead to late nights and a lot of stress.

Thousands of people are interested to start a business. Unfortunately, starting a new business is not an easy process even for those who have experiences in running a business. However, if you are willing to invest time and effort, you have the chance to start a business even though you do not have any work experience. There are thousands of successful business owners who did not have any experience when they started their business. They only started with a good idea and they just utilized all the available resources to start their business.

Due to your lack of experience in running a business, the very first step that you need to take is to ask yourself whether or not you have high motivation and determination to run a business. Remember, even though you have become a manager in a well known company for a couple of years, you’ll get more challenges when you become a business owner. Just like other successful business owners in their early days, you must be ready to work for long hours and even you may have to sacrifice your time for your family just to make sure that your business runs on the right direction.

Alan Sugar built up a business from nothing, and look where he is today!

If you think that you have the required motivation and determination to run a business, your next step is to educate yourself about the steps to realize your business idea. There are many books and websites that provide you with detailed steps to start a business. It is also highly recommended to discuss your business idea with other successful entrepreneurs that you can trust.

You may have high confidence that your business idea is great and can be realized, but discussing with other entrepreneurs gives you a chance to evaluate your business idea. It is also wise to ask one or two entrepreneurs to be your mentor so you can be sure that there is someone who can always guide in establishing and running your business. You also have to gather as much information as possible related to the business you are going to start such as competition, laws, taxes, license, business location, etc.

The next big step that you have to take is to create a solid business plan for your business idea. Your business plan must be able to answer common questions like what product or service you are going to offer, if you sell a product then how you can get the product, how much money you need to start your business, etc. Do not start any kind of business without a good plan because running a business without a plan is no different to committing suicide. If you have no idea how to make a solid business plan, browse on the internet and you’ll find many reliable websites that provide step-by-step guideline to make a solid business plan. Or if you have a mentor, you can ask your mentor to help you in making your business plan. Once you completed your business plan, review it several times to ensure the accuracy.

If everything is ready, do not delay to start executing your business plan because delaying means letting others grab opportunities that supposed to be yours. So, after reading the above overview about starting a business, do you still have the courage to start your own business? Or do you want to change your mind and find jobs that do not require skills such as unskilled mining jobs? The final decision is yours so use your time wisely to decide the best option for your future.

Maya is a part time writer and she loves giving advice through her articles. She loves to write anything related to lifestyle and jobs. Currently, she’s working for company that is in the drilling business.

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