5 Top Tips For Creating Effective Leaflets

When you see some of the leaflets which you are handed on an almost daily basis as you walk through town; there’s no surprise that a lot of them simply aren’t effective and most likely fail to generate much new business and many enquiries at all. If you’re going to spend time and money designing and printing leaflets to advertise and promote your business, brand or product…make sure they look great! That’s not making sure they look good; that’s making sure they look great! When you think about it, what’s the point of putting together a leaflet which just doesn’t cut it against your competitors?

As such; we thought we’d put together our 5 top tips for designing and creating effective leaflets for your business:

  1. Make Sure Your Leaflet Ties In With Your Branding
    If you’ve already got a strong brand image and logo; make sure that your leaflets are centred heaving around these. At the end of the day; you’re wanting to promote your brand or business and as a result, it’s vital you use your brand image; that’s everything from colours and fonts to logo’s. When carrying across branding in this way, it ensures people recognise the leaflet’s purpose and will be more likely to take a read than one which looks completely unconnected with your current business brand.
  2. Keep Things Brief
    No one wants to read a 500 word essay on a leaflet or flyer they’ve been handed! Keep things clear and concise and where possible, use images and calls to action as opposed to large blocks of text. You generally only have a couple of seconds to get your message across so keep things brief and easy to understand by readers. Trust us; less really is more in many cases!
  3. Include A Special Offer
    You need to have a reason for readers to act upon your leaflet. It’s no good simply giving a leaflet saying ‘here’s our business…come and visit.’ You need to give people a reason to visit you or buy your products and including a special offer coupon on a leaflet is a brilliant way to do this. For example; you could offer 20% off a purchase when presenting the leaflet. That way, the reader holds onto the leaflet and it gives them a reason to visit your store in the near future.
  4. Include Happy Customer Testimonials
    Readers want to know that other people love your products too; especially if its a product or brand they’ve never come across before. Take some happy customer testimonials and add them onto the leaflet. That way, readers can see what other people are saying about your offerings and it’ll hopefully sway them to give it a try or to come and visit you!
  5. Ensure The Printing Is Of High Quality
    It’s all too easy to be tempted by the cheapest option available; however quality is of uttermost importance. What would you do if you were handed a low quality, almost photocopied leaflet? Probably throw it in the nearest bin! You need to take time to find a leaflet printers who can offer leaflets of the very highest quality! That way; you can be sure the stand out from the crowd and  have a better chance of actually being read!