Packed Ad

Let’s say you’re on your lunch break, and your friend has two sandwiches. They both have exactly the same packaging, and look identical, except that one has a brand logo on the outside and the other doesn’t. It wouldn’t affect the sandwich at all, but naturally you would want the branded item, especially if it comes from a well known company. We take it as a sign of authorization, reliability and recognition, but it’s still a sandwich. What’s interesting though is that, despite them being exactly the same, you would still feel like your sandwich was better somehow, tastier perhaps, or better presented. This is the power of advertising, something EMC Advertising Gifts have nailed on the head.

The Coca-Cola Lorry, a Christmas tradition or a marketing ploy?

A good advert is one that can juxtapose an image with a brand, and merge the two into a lasting relationship. Of course the item itself has to be interesting or people won’t care, but if the item is something useful or memorable, the logo attached becomes a sign of its own, and if it is successful, the logo turns the tables and becomes the selling point rather than the item. You can read more about advertising tips in the link provided.

Obviously you want your ad campaign to be an instant hit, but sometimes it will take longer to gain the public’s trust that your brand is reliable, and to do this, pick something practical. The amount of branded pens I have lost or broken is astonishing: overly-common items will go unnoticed. However, that one little obscurely branded tape measure I keep on my desk, and have done for years, still has its uses. Over time, I have associated its usefulness with the company logo, and would therefore be inclined to buy another product they have branded. You can read more useful tips about marketing here.